Dental Hygienist

I love doing a service for my patients, as well as getting to know them and building long-term relationships. It is always nice to make a patient feel good about being at the dentist: It’s rewarding to make someone happy about having clean teeth and educating them about the importance of it! I offer thorough, gentle dental cleanings. While I’m with each patient, I provide education about home dental hygiene and reinforce Dr. Joh’s recommendations.

Dr. Joh is very connected with and caring toward all his patients, as are my coworkers. That keeps everyone — staff and patients — happy and smiling!

I’m a South Dakota native who recently arrived in Arizona. I have three children — Wyatt, Sydney, and Chipper — and a dog named Farrah. I love the Arizona weather and am enjoying being outdoors every day. I also enjoy being with my family as much as I can!


Office Manager

I enjoy connecting with patients and their families: helping everyone understand the importance of caring for their dental and overall health. I also enjoy easing dental fears and anxiety, especially since I have dental anxiety myself! I am in charge of managing all the daily and monthly office details, and handle interviews, hiring, and training of our staff.

It is important that everyone at CJ Dentistry works well together and shares the desire to treat patients like we would want to be treated. I come to work with the goal of having our patients smiling by the time they’re ready to leave, and that is a goal shared by everyone here!

I’m happily married and live in the Paradise Valley/Phoenix area by the Mountain Preserve. My daughter and son-in-law are both active-duty Air Force. I’m not an empty-nester, though, as I have a mini Dachshund and an Affenpinscher to keep me busy! I love music and am a book nerd. My husband plays the upright bass and we both love to hike, bike, and enjoy the beauty of Arizona.


Dental Assistant

I absolutely love working with the patients who come into our office. I worked for several years in the general dental field before deciding to do into endodontics. It’s great to be able to work side by side with Dr. Joh and build relationships with every person that comes into the door.

As a new member of the team, I already feel like I’ve found my second family. Everyone in the office is so down to earth and has made me feel so welcome since the moment I walked in. Dr. Joh is an incredible teacher, I have already learned so much, and I am excited to see what else I get to learn here.

I am very new to Arizona, having moved here about three months ago from Sturgis, South Dakota. I love being outside, whether it is rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, or heading to the lake.

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